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” God” – the …

” God” – the Greatest Person

” So Loved” – the Greatest Devotion

” The World” – the Greatest Number

” He Gave” – the Greatest Act

” His only begotten Son” – the Greatest Gift

” That whosoever Believe” – the Greatest Condition

” Should not Perish” – the Greatest Mercy

” Hath Everlasting Life” – the Greatest ResultImage


Friends in Christ

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

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Keep believing

Try to maintain positive thinking
Never feel helpless
Always believe you can achieve
Forget not what you have learned
Always keep your head up
Never allow someone’s else judgment of you outweigh the Love Christ Jesus has for you


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Hello world!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by I hope and pray that you are doing well. I decided to write this blog to share my passion for my Savior Jesus Christ. To express my life’s experiences on this journey we call life. I will share my love of poetry as well so I hope you will be bless in some way or another. I want to promote love, peace, and joy for all over the world.


Robert Gibson

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A blessing uniquely made from God. I see how much he loves me because I’m were you are. Her beauty defines the the ages of time. I thank you so much for being mine. I sleep with peace because I have this special woman next to me. As the sun rise I look into her eyes I realize that this is a reason to be alive. To cry, to love, and to share hmmnnn … to do all of this without a woman is truly unfair. Her gentle touch can do so much. I feel her care as I run my fingers softly  through her hair. A man can search far and wide, but he won’t never find anything to replace what God created to be by his side. Some say it’s false others say its true. I know how much he LOVED me when He gave me Him and blessed me with you. A woman is more precious than gold. She was a vital part in the Greatest Story Ever Told. A gift wrapped up so neat. A Woman!!!… God! Let me give thanks while on a bended knee.

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Hi! I hope you are doing very well today. I’m here to express my love of Jesus Christ and to promote love, peace and joy all over the world. I was born in the deep south the Bible belt some may call it. The youngest of seven children. My parents were not highly educated by no means, but they are the best parents any child could ever have. My dad worked at the local airport facility Pemco Aeroplex as a mechanic and my mom worked as seamstress for the local Hancock fabric retail store. I had a good life growing up never witnessed any physical, sexual or emotional abuse of any kind. Both of my parents were evangelists in the Pentecostal faith. So i often heard about God a lot. There were always long drives to revival meetings and other church functions. All of my brothers and sister traveled together alot back then. I guess that’s how we got so closed knit as a family. I played sports was somewhat quite good at it. Maybe not as good as I could’ve been if havent gotten an severe knee injury. As for as my brothers are concerned two of them received athletic scholarships to play football. My brother Ray for FSU and my brother James with Mississippi State University. I graduated high school began working local at warehouse as a machine operator for Flavor House Peanuts. Later went to community college named Wallace College the name might be familiar. George c.Wallace Jr the former governor of the state of Alabama. He’s mostly famous remembered as the governor who stood in front of the University of Alabama campus doors to protest his disagreement with the Federal Law for civil rights to attend that college. After finished up school i began working at an local hospital as a cardiology technician. I didn’t want anything to do with the church because for some reason everyone seemed unhappy and bitter. It just didn’t seem appealing at all! I figured i would go out in carve my own niche in the world and then come back to the church later. Let me have some fun i recalled telling myself and after I have done all i’ve wanted I will then come back to God. My perception of religion had gotten cloudy, diluted and misconstrued due to faults i seen that i assumed all must have. At the same time my parents had gotten a divorce so i wasn’t feeling this whole church thing at the time. So as u might expected I dabbled in all the self destructive vices that were available to me. Sex, drugs (tried cocaine once ) marijuana but never could keep smoking weed. Everytime i did it always fell asleep somewhere and i really didn’t like waking up in a strange place always. So i just drinked excessively and tried to make as much money as possible working hard. I will make my own self happy with money, beautiful women and partying hard! I wasn’t hurting nobody. Wasn’t robbing, stealing, committing murders so what’s the big deal if an unhappy married women wants to be with me. It was very mutual so i did what they wanted me too. Who cares my parents are divorced no such thing as happy marriage i told myself. Who gets divorce after 30yrs of marriage c”mon. They were pleasing my hurt and disappointment inside. The partying and dating beautiful women was washing away my hurt, pain, the feeling it was my fault inside!!! So I thought!!!  I wasn’t hurting society as i stated before. Everything was going good great job, nice car, money, health. I’m on top of the world I thought but underneath the handsome face nice body was soul broken into pieces, strewn about, loaded with pot holes, debris on LOVE. Women (married ) seemed to seek me out I noticed. Could’ve been with a lot of good single women and I was with them, but some how this gravitational pull to always sympathize with the married women was there. Stop by to see my mom and heard the hurt, disappointment over my Dad’s short comings as a husband. I console her it seemed ironic. I’m consoling Mom on her marriage like I always seemed to do with married women I was having affairs with. Didn’t know or cared to see there was a connection in the spirit realm on why and how. As time went on I got more unhappy. Until 1 day I remembered how I learned as a child growing up that God can heal pain and brokeness! So one Sunday afternoon I went to church at Northview Christian and something on the inside kept pulling me walk down when the call for those who wanted to rededicate their lives to Jesus! I just couldn’t be still for nothing no matter how hard I tried I found myself down in front of the altar of God that I ‘ve seen so many times growing up. With my back to the world and my face towards God I gave myself over to one whom I was taught so much about as a child. The Day June 13, 2008. Few months later August 19, 2008 I received baptismal The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. So the young man who told God all my happiness, everything thing I need for a fulfilled life I’m going to go out in the world to find it I’ll get back with you later. So when hell broke lose the job went away, the money was gone, cars had to go back, the friends scattered, the women departed ,family members were too busy and I was left alone drowning in guilt, loss, shame, sadness, hopeless and despair! THAT SAME LOVING AMAZING GOD THAT  I TOLD WASN’T ENOUGH FOR ME FOUND ME, LOVE ME , WASHED ME, CLEANSED ME, CLOTHED ME AND BROUGHT ME BACK HOME AND DIDN’T SAY ONE TIME TO THIS DAY I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!