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A blessing uniquely made from God. I see how much he loves me because I’m were you are. Her beauty defines the the ages of time. I thank you so much for being mine. I sleep with peace because I have this special woman next to me. As the sun rise I look into her eyes I realize that this is a reason to be alive. To cry, to love, and to share hmmnnn … to do all of this without a woman is truly unfair. Her gentle touch can do so much. I feel her care as I run my fingers softly¬† through her hair. A man can search far and wide, but he won’t never find anything to replace what God created to be by his side. Some say it’s false others say its true. I know how much he LOVED me when He gave me Him and blessed me with you. A woman is more precious than gold. She was a vital part in the Greatest Story Ever Told. A gift wrapped up so neat. A Woman!!!… God! Let me give thanks while on a bended knee.

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